Monday, November 11, 2013

Beach life

Living on the beach in Ensenada for the last 3 months has been a pleasant surprise for me.  It is totally different than the Chapala area.  Chapala is the real Mexico and Ensenada is more like California, except much cheaper.  The pleasant surprise is the weather.  It's about the same as the weather of San Diego, which is only 60 miles north.  Part of our routine is to walk the dogs on the beach daily.  Notice the lack of people along the beach or in the water.
These vultures were drying their wings. These guys were big.
Peso chasing Maya.

Cruise ships arrive several times weekly. 
Sometimes they actually listen to me.
La Bufadora in the background.
Which way are we gonna go guys?
We have this beach to ourselves.
Maya has just been for a swim.
They are not fast enough to catch the baby birds wading in the water.
Ensenada is in the background.