Tuesday, April 16, 2013

We met Joe and Sharon when we first moved to the Lakeside area.  They are great people with a special zest for life.  In this blog, I am featuring the house they are living in to show you what kinds of deals  are available for renting homes here.  The house is in Chapala.  It is for sale for $395,000 and sits on one acre of lush landscape.  The real estate market is very slow here and this price narrows the amount of buyers looking at the house.  It is a good deal, but high priced for the Chapala area. 

So Joe and Sharon are renting a 2 bedroom, 1 bath home, which is part of the property for $500 per month.
They are the only people living on the grounds.  The Shriners of Chapala own the estate.  They have told Joe and Sharon that when the house sells, they will return half of their rent money that they have paid.  In effect, Joe and Sharon are renting their house and the acre of land for $250 per month.  What a deal!!!
The property is walled on all four sides.
The house is an authentic Mexican style house. 
I love the dinette set.
The patio is a relaxing place to eat.
Joe and Sharon enjoying la vida de Mexico.
Main house is a huge home.
The landscape is really lush.
The rear yard has various fruit and citrus trees.    

Small garden behind the main house.