Thursday, March 28, 2013

Patzcuaro, Michoacan

As part of our trip to Morelia, we also visited Patzcuaro.  The city is known for its' many celebrations on Day of the Dead.  (Dia De Los Muertos.)The population is about 80,000 with a healthy amount of Expats.

The outdoor market is open every day. 
This is a parade without floats, just trucks and trailers.
The Library mural
The boat that took us to the statue in the middle of the lake. 
The statue is Jose Maria Morelos, a heroic leader of the Mexican War of  Independence.
View of Lake Patzcuaro from the statue.
J. C. and I with the flag of Mexico.
Inside the statue are stairs with railings if you would like to walk to the top. 
The climb from the lake to the statue is very steep.  You need to be in decent shape to make it to the statue. 
You can barely see the statue in the background.

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Just returned from a trip to Morelia in the state of Michoacan.  What a gorgeous city.  Reminded me of what Italy might look like.  The population is 500,000, but seems larger.  There a lot of young people in this city.  The average age is around 25.  There are many specialized schools such as art, music and engineering.  This is a very cosmopolitan city with loads of cultural activities.  As you know, Debbi and I have been to about 60 different cities in Mexico.  Morelia is in the top five of our favorites.  
We stayed at this hotel for $60 U.S. per night. 
The streets and the landscape are kept spotless.
J. C. and Vickie enjoying the open air bus tour of the city. 
This is the most ornate church we have seen in Mexico. 
The architecture throughout the downtown of Morelia is pleasant on the eyes.
Sunset provides stunning silouettes.
J.C. searched Morelia walking tours on his computer.  He printed about 5 pages of things to see in Morelia. So we browsed through museums and historical buildings at our own pace.  It's a great way to see a city.
Arts and crafts museum on the walking tour.
The Morelia library is converted from a church.
One of Morelias beautiful parks.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption

Debbi and I are doing more volunteer work.  We both retired ten years ago and it seems we are busier now than when we were working full time.  Our latest project is an animal shelter that tries to find good homes for stray dogs.  Debbi and our friend Sharon work for Lucky Dog Rescue and Adoption.  And, I help also.  The shelter can accommodate 25 dogs, and we already have a waiting list.  There are 20 volunteers.
Okay, so it doesn't look like much from the outside.  But the inside is really nice.
Debbi had the idea for the pink signs to identify the dog, and the special needs they have. 
The dogs play together in the big yard. They are placed together according to how they get along.
Our good friend Sharon always busy keeping things clean.
Sharon and Bob with two of our well trained dogs.  All of the dogs get walked daily.
All of the walls are getting a fresh coat of paint. 
The dogs get bathed in the tub and the carriers are where they sleep in their kennel. 
This is Rosie, our new addition.  We now have 4 dogs.
The puppies are usually easy to adopt.  Everybody loves puppies.