Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vista Del Lago

A mile east of the village is a development called Vista Del Lago.  Within this community is Chapala Country Club, a nine hole golf course.  Mostly Americans and Canadians live here.  If you are not a member of the club, it will cost you about $70 for green fees, a cart and a caddy.  If you are a member, you pay a one time $1000 fee.  Then you pay about $100 per month for all the golf you desire.  These rates may not be exact, but they are close.
Entrance to Vista Del Lago. 
This is a gated community with 24 hour guard service. 
Beautiful clubhouse inside and out.  Good menu with great food. 
The course was built in the mid 50's.  This is a quaint pro shop.
The practice putting green is in excellent condition. 
Tee box and greens are green.  Fairways are kind of iffy.
These guys just teed off on the first hole.
The community sits on a hill overlooking Lake Chapala.
Many homes for sale.  Mostly older like this one.
The road from  Vista Del Lago to the village.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chapala to Laredo

J. C. and I drove from Chapala to Laredo to pick up some of his household items.It took us eleven hours to drive to Nuevo Laredo and another half hour to cross the border.  From Chapala to the border was 685 miles.  There were 5 checkpoints and 11 toll booths.  The tolls were $70 one way.  Trailers are more expensive because they charge you by how many axles you have. 
For the most part, the Cuotas {toll roads} were in good shape with ample shoulders.
There are lots of places to eat along the way.  We chose Subway. 
Lots of Pemex gas stations also.
Many places along the road offered spectacular scenery.
We ran into several storms.  This is a mountain where the clouds are hiding half of it.
When you see this car from 1/4 mile away, I guarantee you will slow down.  When you see it up close, you can tell it is a fake cut-out of a police car.
The border crossing from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to Laredo, Texas.
We drove to San Antonio to pick up the moving trailer.  We visited the Alamo, which was really interesting.
If you are bringing vehicles into Mexico that don't have Mexican plates, then you need to get permits for them.  You also need a permit for your trailer.
There are a lot of emergency phones along the Cuotas.  Also, notice the lack of trash along the roadway.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Hiking the local trails

The Indian Ceremonial Grounds hike was one our most favorite treks so far.  It was a two hour hike to the top and one and a half hours return.  We stopped many times on the way up.  When you arrive at the top, there is a lot to see.  We talked to people in town.  They told us they still have ceremonies, but nobody seems to know when.  We would love to see it so we are going to ask around and find out when the next one happens.
The trailhead.  We are hiking to the top of the mountain in the background.
The trail was easy to follow. 
The views on these hikes  are spectacular.
A colorful shrine.
Lake Chapala in all of its' splendor.
They put tarps over the structure, heat the rocks and the result is a sweat lodge.
The bordered rock circle looks like where a ceremony is performed.  When I find out more, I will pass it on. 
Looks like someone might live here.  It would be a creepy place to live.
These are some of the steepest trails we have been on.
The trees are different shades of green, blue and yellow.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This and That

These photos are random images that I have picked out.  There is usually not enough photos for a complete blog.  But, nonetheless, they are important pictures.  So every once in a while you will be treated to This and That.
My friend Roger, in Chapala, Jalisco, showing us why you need to walk with your head down.  Roger and Shelly were visiting.  They live in Prescott Valley, Arizona.
This hole would literally swallow you up.  A friend told me there were no liability claims in Mexico.
Mercado Liberdad indoor market in Guadalajara.  Three stories with 4,000 booths.
The Mercado even had a food court.
J. C. ,   Shelly  and Roger  in Mazamitla,  Jalisco
Horse rentals in Ajijic.  $8 U. S. per hour.  Decent looking horses.  The lady in the foreground is weaving while her Donkey looks on.
Tori, the runt of the litter is not the runt any more.  Her adopted family is taking very good care of her.
Tori's family said we can come to see her any time we wanted to.  We plan on seeing her every couple of months.
The Monday market in Chapala has anything and everything.  Here they are selling creams and shampoo.  They have plastic baggies that they fill.
Debbi at one of my favorite Malecon structures located in Petatan.  There is a beautiful view of the lake with the mountains in the background.