Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hiking the local trails

Several weeks ago we hiked the Sierra El Travesano Ravine trail.  This is the easiest trail at Lakeside that takes you to the Skyline Trail, which straddles the hills providing spectacular views of  the lake.  The Sierra trail takes you to an oak tree forest with no underbrush that is a sight to behold.  It is a four hour hike return. 
This Jeep trail leads to a footpath that takes you to an Oak tree forest in the hills below the two clouds. 
Entering the canopy.  There are lots of flowers and ferns along the trail. 
The switchbacks are steep in some places.
The trail leads to a forest of Oak trees.  
What would a hike be without a shrine? 
There are many intersecting trails here.  The trees are notched so you can find your way back to the main trail.
This knoll provided views of Lake Chapala to the south and Guadalajara to the north.
More steep switchbacks.  You need to be careful because most people who get hurt on the trail will be hurt on the way down. 
There are lots of cobblestones underneath the leaves along the trail which make for slippery conditions.

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