Monday, November 26, 2012

Our Dog Family

We arrived in Mexico with one dog.  We found Peso in a Yuma, Arizona Animal Shelter.  He is the best dog we have ever had.  Several months after we arrived, we rescued a dog from the streets.  We named him Diablo because he got into mischief all the time.  Most recently we rescued another dog from the streets who has a neurological problem.  Her name is Maya and she was days away from dying when we rescued her.  We have two other dogs who belong to the neighbors, but they spend most of their time in our yard with our dogs.  Their names are Blondie and Sparky. 
This is Maya the day we took her off the street.  She could barely stand.  We didn't think she would survive the night.
Three months later she is making a strong recovery.  She still has neurological problems.  But, we think she's going to lead a long life.  She is our special needs doggie.
This is Diablo.  He loves to sit in my easy chair.  He is 2 years old.  We rescued him from the streets of San Nicolas.
Blondie is a neighbors dog, but he spends a lot of time at our house.
Sparky is another neighbors dog.  He loves to tag along on our morning walks.
Peso is 8 years old, but he still keeps up with the younger dogs.
Our morning walk.  Maya in front, Diablo and Sparky, then Peso and Blondie bringing up the rear.
My next door neighbors keep Sparky tied up.  But, I release him every day so he can walk and hike with us.
All the dogs get along fine.  There has never been a problem.

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