Sunday, December 30, 2012

San Antonio Tlayacapan

San Antonio is a small town about 10 minutes west of Chapala.  For those of you who want to experience the Mexican way of life, this would be a good place to live.  And you would still be close to your Gringo friends in Ajijic.  You would also be within walking distance of Walmart.
This is one of the main streets in San Antonio.  It leads to the Malecon at Lake Chapala.
The Malecon.  The mountains show that we are in the dry season.
This is a night club in San Antonio.  We meet friends here for dinner and dancing.
And of course the Church.
All towns and cities have Plazas.  This is one of the smallest you will see.  It still is charming.
If you lived in San Antonio, this is where you would buy your trees, plants and ground cover.
Most Gringos have P.O. boxes.  Ours is located in San Antonio. 
This small grocery store is where we go to buy American stuff that the Mexican grocery stores don't carry.
I am sharing a couple of Christmas pictures taken while I was in San Diego.  Me, Debbi and my father- in- law Chuck.
My grandson Cole.  What do you think his favorite present is?

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