Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Sierra El Travesano Ravine hike

Sorry this is so late.  Three members of my immediate family passed last year.  As we get older, this is going to happen more and more.  Somehow, we all need to deal with death in our own way.  I guess it just takes time.

I featured this hike in one of my earlier blogs.  It is a 5 mile round trip trek that has become one of my favorites.  You ascend a ravine with switchbacks.  When you arrive to the top of the mountain you are greeted with acres and acres of Oak trees.  The reason I am featuring this hike again is that there is much to see and do at the top of the trail.
You even find Cactus at the top.  Lake Chapala is in the background.
J. C. enjoying the shade of the Oaks. 
Family shrines are big deals on mountaintops throughout Mexico.
They can be very ornate, or like this one, they can be very simple.
The local teens come to the mountaintop to do what teenagers do!!
We saw these holes along the trail.  Found out the Mexicans dig these and cut the feeder roots of trees.  They take them to maket and sell them as a food supplement.

Would have been easier if we could have taken the Jeep.  Instead, we parked at the trailhead.  Lake Chapala in the background.
This is the dueno of the property where we park.  We usually give him 20 pesos ($1.60).  He has lived on this property for 35 years. 
I know this has nothing to do with the trail.  But, I wanted to show you our doggie family.  All four of them are rescue dogs, three of them here in Mexico.

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