Thursday, March 28, 2013

Patzcuaro, Michoacan

As part of our trip to Morelia, we also visited Patzcuaro.  The city is known for its' many celebrations on Day of the Dead.  (Dia De Los Muertos.)The population is about 80,000 with a healthy amount of Expats.

The outdoor market is open every day. 
This is a parade without floats, just trucks and trailers.
The Library mural
The boat that took us to the statue in the middle of the lake. 
The statue is Jose Maria Morelos, a heroic leader of the Mexican War of  Independence.
View of Lake Patzcuaro from the statue.
J. C. and I with the flag of Mexico.
Inside the statue are stairs with railings if you would like to walk to the top. 
The climb from the lake to the statue is very steep.  You need to be in decent shape to make it to the statue. 
You can barely see the statue in the background.

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