Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Abbeyfield and the Kentucky Derby

Vickie and I volunteer at an assisted care living facility called Abbeyfield in Ajijic.  We have a Friday Matinee where we show the seniors movies using a DVD player and a big screen TV.  They really love the movies and are very thankful of the time we spend with them.  Here at Lakeside, most of the expats volunteer for organizations that involve kids or animals.  We think the seniors here need more volunteers to organize activities for them.  Seems like people favor the kids, or the animals, instead of the older folks.  The cost of staying here is $1200 US per month.  That is for your own casita and meals.
Vickie at the entry. 

Paul just moved in.  His wife passed in November.  He is the only man here.     
Ginger has been here several years.  She is absolutely charming.  Could have been a model in her younger years.
Marge is 91 years old.  Isn't she pretty. 
The viewing deck is for everyone to enjoy.  This is a skate park with Lake Chapala in the background.
The seniors like to walk through the park or on the Ajijic Malecon.
J. C. and Vickie hosted a Kentucky Derby party at their home. Debbi and I picked Orb to win.  Oh yeah!
Vickie, Sally, Sharon (with my cigar) and Debbi.

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