Thursday, December 29, 2011


Me and Diablo
The Mexicans in our Pueblo (interchangeable with Village) have lots of dogs for pets.  They seem to prefer small dogs, like Chihuahuas.  But, they also like Pit Bulls.  So, we take our two dogs for daily walks in el campo, and, several homes are being built within a mile of our house.  Our dogs are off-leash, because we're  in the outskirts of the Pueblo.  Suddenly, two Pit Bulls from the construction crew, also off-leash, are charging our dogs.  We thought our dogs were going to be mauled.  Well, much to our surprise, the 4 dogs just played, and played, and played.  There are probably 30 Pit Bulls in the Pueblo, and, we have never seen any problems.  They are always happy and playful.

The dogs here are fed reasonably well, with some exceptions.  Diablo was a wild dog living off of whatever he could find in the streets.  We officially adopted him, and he is slowly putting on weight.  He's  a typical Mexican dog, long ears, long legs, long tail and not very bright!  Oh well, we love him anyway.  We don't see many cats.  I talked to a friend here and, he said that Mexicans like the affection that dogs give.  Most cats don't give that same kind of affection.  That seemed like a believable explanation.

Well, the bottom line is that, in general, Mexicans don't treat their pets as well as we Americans do.  They seem to see them more as objects rather than live beings.  Us Americans see them as part of our family.  But, keep in mind, where we live, the residents don't have much spending money.  They're going to spend money on their family before they spend the money on pets.  We Americans would do the same thing if we were a third world country.       Adios, Ken

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