Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Driving to Mexico

I am very embarrassed to say that I have not done a blog on our move to Mexico.  We have been here for well over a year, so it is overdue.  My friend, Frank Rose agreed to help us.  Me, Frank, Debbi and Peso drove 3 days from Prescott Valley, Arizona to Guadalajara in Franks' Chevy Dually, towing a four horse trailer.  To say it was an adventure is a vast understatement.
Our friend, Shelly helping load the trailer in Prescott Valley.
Arriving at the border in Nogales.  We were fortunate they did not make us unload the trailer.
We obtained our car permit here in Mexico.  The permit allows you to drive your vehicle throughout Mexico.  When you come back across the border, you must return your permit.
Peso did well on the trip.  He never got sick.  Here, he is wrapped up in the bed cover.  Sweet dreams!
An interesting shadow created by the truck and trailer.
Sometimes the Cuota was two lane blacktop and sometimes 4 lanes.
This hotel was in Culiacan, a major drug trafficking city in Mexico.  There were about 20 Federales who spent the night here.  One of their trucks is in the foreground.  This hotel was $30 per night. 
There was a steep grade just before Tepic.  We had to pull into a Pemex gas station to cool the engine.  The Pemex workers will do everything they can to get you back on the road.  My buddy Frank is helping them get the job done.
Arriving at our new house in San Nicolas, 45 minutes south of Guadalajara.

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