Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Los Cazos waterfall

We went to Mazamitla yesterday.  I have done an earlier blog on this beautiful town.  We returned during the rainy season to ride horses to the waterfall.  The ride, with a half hour at the waterfall was three hours round trip.  If you go, plan on spending an hour there.
You can see some horses in the background.  There were about 50 of them.  The cost was 16 dollars per person for the trip. 
 The ride was difficult in some places.  We were riding most of the time on slippery cobblestones.   The horses were sure footed with good dispositions.    

This is where we hand our horses to the guide while we hike to the waterfall.   It's about a ten minute walk. Vicki and I had already given our horses to the guide.  
As the rainy season progresses, there will be a higher volume of water coming over the falls.
J. C. and Vickie with Debbi in the background.
The waterfall is 90 feet high with a wading pool at the bottom.
We have rented a lot of horses throughout Mexico.  These were the healthiest and the best trained ones we have seen.

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