Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ajijic market

The Ajijic market is open every Wednesday.  The vendors sell everything from food to clothes and all items in between.  The market is a must see when you visit the Lakeside area. 
The red rug on the left is $500 U.S.  The orange one is about $400.
The birds are about $5 to $40 each.
Hats sell for about $15 each. 
We paid $6.50 for one of these hand made baskets.  It takes a day to make one.
This vendor is selling candy and assorted nuts.
These are DVD's that sell for $1.50 each.  Some of these movies are only months old.
The music C.D.'s also sell for $1.50 each.
The market is colorful and full of bargains.
 Fruits and vegetables are fresh and reasonably priced.
You can eat very cheaply here.  $2.00 each for lunch.

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