Monday, August 27, 2012

Lake Martinez

Several times yearly, I return to the states to visit with my kids and grandkids.  This time we met at Lake Martinez on the Colorado River.  I flew from Guadalajara to Mexicali.  I rode a greyhound bus from Calexico to El Centro.  Then the kids picked me up at Carl's Jr.  An hour and a half later we were at the river.
Kayla and Cole are only 25 feet from Lake Martinez.  But, sometimes they just prefer to be in the kid's pool.
Everybody has to help keep the river house clean.  Here, Kayla is taking her turn cleaning the dishes.
My daughter Kolleen with Troy, Kayla and Cole.
My niece Melanie and her son Clayton visited for the weekend.   
All four of my grandkids with my daughter-in-law, Terri.
Dylan, Alli and Kayla doing some tubing.
My son Jeff with Terri.  You will soon see that these tubes were not meant to be used for surfing.
Whoops!  A little blurry, but you get the idea.
I'm still good for a little wake boarding and single skiing.

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