Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Horseback riding in Chapala

Last week we decided to rent some horses.  There are two places to rent in the Lakeside area.  One is Chapala and the other is Ajijic.  We decided on Chapala.  We rode for two hours.  The cost was 8 dollars U. S. per hour per person.  This ride was well worth the money with scenic views of the mountains and the lake.
My buddy Joe, who informed me that this horse was the closest he was going to get to any horse.
Juan owns the horses.  These are his kids and grandkids.  Juan has rented horses here in Chapala for 35 years.
Debbie could tell one of the grandaughters liked horses, so she invited Alondra to ride with her.  Alondra smiled the whole way.             

Riding near the Malecon.  Just about every town along the lake has a walkway (Malecon) close to the shore. 
You can ride along these trails to the lake and never see another person.  That is Lake Chapala in the background. 
Debbi, J. C., Juan Jr. and Vickie 
Ken, Debbi, J. C. and Vicki with Lake Chapala, the largest freshwater lake in Mexico, in the background.  Lake Chapala is 55 miles long and 15 miles across. 
We rode the horses along one of the backstreets of Chapala on the way home.  
These horses are very well fed and they are in excellent shape.


  1. Hi Ken

    I have just started reading your blog and enjoy it
    Would you mind telling me how you chose San Nicolas as opposed toother towns in Chapala ?
    We are coming to Ajijic ...our 3rd visit
    This time we have rented a casita for the month of Nov and hope to for longer next year when I retire...my hubby is already retired.
    We just LOVE it there !!!!!!!!!!

    Thanks so much
    Take care

  2. Collette, we wanted to be in the country so I could hike and Debbi could ride her horse. Chapala and towns East of Chapala were our choices and we picked San Nicolas. We have been here for a year and a half and love the village. If you would like more info, email me domingo444@msn.com. Ken

  3. What a great deal for $8.00 and what a beautiful day for horseback riding. I went riding when I was in Ajijic for about $10.00, I think. Everything was great except the mosquitoes.

    Thanks for posting great pictures.

    Liz G.

  4. Hi Ken

    Thank you ...we are away this week .....I will email when we rtn

    Gracias !!!!!!