Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Featured home

Betty is a volunteer at Pasos. She lives in Chapala and six years ago bought a  beautiful Mexican style home.  She recently completed an extensive remodel.  I can't imagine a nicer home in all of Chapala.
The entry to the house.  Notice all the potted plants.  The exterior color is spectacular.
An outstanding wall feature is this mosaic that represents Lake Chapala.  
What a great patio.  The fireplace/barbeque is in the background.  To the right is the bar with a refrigerator.  
The Koi  pond is a calming feature of the back yard.
The rear of the house.  Again notice the potted plants.  Betty has a gardener that takes good care of the landscape.
I'm not much of a cook.  But, if I were, this is the kind of kitchen I would want!
The dining room. 
The living room would be a great place to relax and enjoy a fire.
The master bathroom has Mexico written all over it.  The two water bowls are a nice touch also. 
The master bedroom.  Betty used to show horses.  She claims these Havanese dogs are much easier to show!
The guest bathroom has the flavor of Mexico with the different tiles. 
Betty has an upstairs Casita for guests.  It has a kitchenette, living room and one bedroom.
Betty has a 1/2 acre lot, which is huge by Mexicos' standards.  Everything you see in this picture is her house and her lot.  This house is a really good representation of a true Mexican style home.


  1. Hi Ken

    This is Collette...I sent you an email from
    my hotmail account ..not sure if you got it
    We are staying in West Ajijic for the month of Nov...can't wait :-)
    Is Betty's home "in" Chapala ? It sure is beautiful..do you know how much she rents her casita for ?

    Thanks !!!!!!!!

  2. Hi Collette. I didn't get your email. I don't think Betty is renting her Casita right now. But, there should be others in Chapala. Ken