Monday, January 30, 2012


We have two types of farming here, Dairy farming and corn farming.  There are other crops  grown here,but it seems like 90% of what I see are these two types.  The following photos were taken along the 5 mile loop.
The soil in the fields is clay and is perfectly suited to growing corn.  Notice how the fences are made.  These guys are really resourceful.  No cement in these post holes, but, they work just fine.
One of three Dairy's in the area.  Most work is done by hand.
All the horses in this area are very well fed.
The dried corn stalks are ground up, bagged, then sold as horse and cow food at feed stores.
The cows don't miss many meals either.
The fields have a gravity flow canal system that supplies water to the crops.
Most farmers hand plow just as they did centuries ago.

This is the biggest greenhouse I've ever seen.
A very rare sight indeed!

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