Thursday, January 19, 2012

Grocery Shopping

Soriana is a  grocery store chain about the size of Walmart.  We have found food prices here to be about half of what they are in the States.  Food quality is equal.  That's me in the background.
Inside Soriana.  You won't find a cleaner grocery store anywhere else in the world!!
The Saturday vegetable market in the village.  All of the vegetables shown here are about  30 cents a pound.
Santiago works at one of the two carnicerias in the village.  The meat here is fresh every day.  He has no refrigeration.
He will custom cut the meat.  Hamburger is 2 dollars per pound, Pork is 2.50 per pound, and Beef is 3 dollars per pound.
Outside picture of Santiago's meat market.
We have about 10 of these tiendas in the pueblo.  Abarrotes means groceries.  The other name is usually the families name that owns the store.
Unlike 7-11 stores in the U. S.  These stores have to be very competitive to Soriana in price, or the locals will not buy products here.
Chapala has the biggest outdoor market in the Lakeside area.  It is only 5 miles from our home.
Open only on Mondays, you can buy fruits, vegetables and just about anything from A to Z.

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