Monday, January 9, 2012

Village Eateries

We have some restaurants in the village, but, they're just a little different than other restaurants.  I'm going to feature three of them that we eat at on a regular basis.  You will also see our local bakery.  We can eat at any of these restaurants for 5 dollars for both of us.  And, that includes a Coke, a Pepsi, or bottled water.  These eateries are only a 5-10 minute walk from our home.

1.  Marisol has a place right next to the Plaza.  The kids from the nearby school eat there.  She makes sandwiches, tacos and various juices for the kids.  But, we go there for the hamburgers and french fries.  She makes the burger and the fries well done, which is not always the case at other restaurants in Mexico. 

Maria Mendoza
2.  This curbside eatery serves really good tacos and gorditas.  None of the small places where we  eat serve alcohol.  But, this place is right in front of the local bar.  So, you can order your food, then buy a beer,  a tequila, or whatever.

La Esquina
You can actually sit down in this restaurant and in case of rain, you don't get all wet.  They serve hot dogs, hamburgers, and miscellaneous Mexican food.  This place is open mostly at night. When we finish eating here, we walk home.  It is totally safe to walk in any part of the village at any time of day or night.

La Panaderia
On our way home, we usually walk by the blue house in the middle of town.  If the door is open, we can buy rolls, donuts, muffins, cookies, etc.  They are 25 cents each.  They also have a pizza oven and they make the best pizza around.  

These are a sample of eateries in our village.  On a future blog, I will write about  restaurants in Chapala, Riberas and Ajijic.

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