Thursday, February 23, 2012


One Saturday night, six of us went dancing: Cee Cee, Paul, J. C., Vickie, Debbi and I.  Cee Cee and Paul have lived here for 11 years.  They invited us to a Cowpacchino on Sunday.  This is a Mexican custom that I am not familiar with.  You bring your own coffee mug, or they supply one.  Our first stop is the bar, located on the Rancho, where they have Tequila, Kahlua, Vodka, etc.  They also have different types of coffee, chocolate and spices.

After you have loaded up on all the ingredients, you walk over to the stalls where the milking cows are.  You hand your mug to the caretaker and he squeezes the cow's milk into the mug.  We're looking at each other thinking, are you serious?  Well, the milk was warm, and the coffee was great.  And, best of all, we have discovered another Mexican tradition.  We have a neighbor that does this every day.  He has invited us to come over and join him.  When I find out more about this custom, I will  let you know in a future blog. 
The bar area where you add, alcohol, coffee and spices.  If you don't drink, leave out the alcohol, the Cowpacchino is still tasty.
Yes, that is my mug he is filling up, straight from the udder to the mouth.  
Cee Cee, Debbi, Vicki and me
Even the kids enjoy the drink, no alcohol of course. 
The caretakers kids in their off-road vehicle. 
Sandy, in the blue ballcap, just finished building the main house on the Rancho. 
From the newly constructed house, you can see the caretaker's house and the cow barn. 
Nice to have this pool in the summer months! 
Sandy took us for a tour of his house.  He made his money by designing jewelry in Beverly hills. 
Clockwise:   J. C., Debbi, Cee Cee, Paul, Vickie, Me

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