Friday, February 17, 2012


Our neighbor went into the hospital several weeks ago.  His wife was staying with him in the hospital (a usual occurrence here) and the kids were staying with an aunt in the village.  Their Pit Bull dog had a litter of nine puppies.  And, now there was nobody to feed mama dog and look after the little ones.  I talked about all the Pit Bulls we had in the village in an earlier blog.  We have been here a year now and all of our experiences with these dogs have been positive.  I'm convinced the way you raise a dog determines future behavior. 

We volunteered to take care of the brood.  They had no protection from the elements, so the first thing we did was to move them to our barn to give them a roof over their head.  The next day it started raining and it has been raining for a week.  I don't think they would have survived in their old environment.  We felt our actions saved these puppies.  Now it's time to find good homes for them.  We are taking care of that, also.  We had a blast raising with these guys and we're ready to do it again.  No rest for the wicked!

Before the move to our barn.   
Hermosa allowed us to handle the kids from day one, even while she was eating. 
Caution:  dangerous dog!  
Moving day, all nine at once.    
Next door neighbors daughter, Lupita with the little ones. 
Brady is the big boy of the litter. 
Torrie is the runt.  Look at the nails on her.   
Dante is the mischievous one.  
Cujo looks menacing, but is just a big creampuff, an 80 pound creampuff!  We pass by him daily.  He is off leash and our dogs are also loose.  It's fun to watch the three of them play.
"We promise to be good if you take us home". 
Mexicans love Pit Bulls as pets(not as fighters).  There is a certain amount of status in owning one.  I have yet to see an aggressive one.  We should be able to easily find homes for these guys.

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