Monday, February 27, 2012

Hiking the local trails

J. C. bought me a hiking book titled Walks and Trails Around Ajijic by Gerry Green.  So last Friday, he, Debbi and I hiked the San Juan Cosala Western Cross Trail.  The trail is 1 mile to the falls, which is just beyond the cross.  It is fairly steep to the falls, so bring a walking stick and good hiking boots.  The trail goes beyond the falls to the Skyline trail, which straddles the mountain for 18 miles.  We will leave that one for another day.  The entire Lakeside area is a hiker's paradise. 
The trailhead.  Is this a two horsepower engine?  
In the rainy season, these trails would have a green jungle canopy. 
San Juan Cosala.  Lake Chapala is the largest fresh water lake in Mexico.  It is 55 miles long and 15 miles wide.
J. C. at the cross.  Shrines and crosses dot the ridges of the mountain.  They are an important part of Mexico's religious traditions.  
Ken and Debbi.  On selected days, locals climb the trails and decorate the crosses and shrines with plants, ornaments and other offerings. 
Another view of San Juan Cosala and the lake from further up the trail. 
You can see the falls at the left side of the picture.  During the rainy season, there is a huge volume of water flowing over.  During the dry season, like now, the falls are dry. 
These are some of the nicest views that we have seen since we moved here. 
This trail doesn't look steep, but it is.  I forgot my hiking stick and I went down twice.  Nothing hurt, but my pride. 
A mountainside shrine

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