Monday, May 14, 2012

Hiking the local trails

The Indian Ceremonial Grounds hike was one our most favorite treks so far.  It was a two hour hike to the top and one and a half hours return.  We stopped many times on the way up.  When you arrive at the top, there is a lot to see.  We talked to people in town.  They told us they still have ceremonies, but nobody seems to know when.  We would love to see it so we are going to ask around and find out when the next one happens.
The trailhead.  We are hiking to the top of the mountain in the background.
The trail was easy to follow. 
The views on these hikes  are spectacular.
A colorful shrine.
Lake Chapala in all of its' splendor.
They put tarps over the structure, heat the rocks and the result is a sweat lodge.
The bordered rock circle looks like where a ceremony is performed.  When I find out more, I will pass it on. 
Looks like someone might live here.  It would be a creepy place to live.
These are some of the steepest trails we have been on.
The trees are different shades of green, blue and yellow.

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