Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Chapala to Laredo

J. C. and I drove from Chapala to Laredo to pick up some of his household items.It took us eleven hours to drive to Nuevo Laredo and another half hour to cross the border.  From Chapala to the border was 685 miles.  There were 5 checkpoints and 11 toll booths.  The tolls were $70 one way.  Trailers are more expensive because they charge you by how many axles you have. 
For the most part, the Cuotas {toll roads} were in good shape with ample shoulders.
There are lots of places to eat along the way.  We chose Subway. 
Lots of Pemex gas stations also.
Many places along the road offered spectacular scenery.
We ran into several storms.  This is a mountain where the clouds are hiding half of it.
When you see this car from 1/4 mile away, I guarantee you will slow down.  When you see it up close, you can tell it is a fake cut-out of a police car.
The border crossing from Nuevo Laredo, Mexico to Laredo, Texas.
We drove to San Antonio to pick up the moving trailer.  We visited the Alamo, which was really interesting.
If you are bringing vehicles into Mexico that don't have Mexican plates, then you need to get permits for them.  You also need a permit for your trailer.
There are a lot of emergency phones along the Cuotas.  Also, notice the lack of trash along the roadway.

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