Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This and That

These photos are random images that I have picked out.  There is usually not enough photos for a complete blog.  But, nonetheless, they are important pictures.  So every once in a while you will be treated to This and That.
My friend Roger, in Chapala, Jalisco, showing us why you need to walk with your head down.  Roger and Shelly were visiting.  They live in Prescott Valley, Arizona.
This hole would literally swallow you up.  A friend told me there were no liability claims in Mexico.
Mercado Liberdad indoor market in Guadalajara.  Three stories with 4,000 booths.
The Mercado even had a food court.
J. C. ,   Shelly  and Roger  in Mazamitla,  Jalisco
Horse rentals in Ajijic.  $8 U. S. per hour.  Decent looking horses.  The lady in the foreground is weaving while her Donkey looks on.
Tori, the runt of the litter is not the runt any more.  Her adopted family is taking very good care of her.
Tori's family said we can come to see her any time we wanted to.  We plan on seeing her every couple of months.
The Monday market in Chapala has anything and everything.  Here they are selling creams and shampoo.  They have plastic baggies that they fill.
Debbi at one of my favorite Malecon structures located in Petatan.  There is a beautiful view of the lake with the mountains in the background.

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