Saturday, March 3, 2012

Day trips

There are many day trips within one or two hours of Chapala.  Mazamitla is a two hour drive one way.  They call it the Switzerland of Mexico.  The elevation is 8,000 feet and the population is 18,000.  There is an abundance of pine trees dotting the rolling hills.  If you visit Guadalajara or the Lakeside area, this is a must-see.  Spend the night and enjoy the fresh mountain air. This town is on Mexico's "magic pueblo" list.  
The sign should say:  Welcome to one of the most beautiful places in Mexico. 
If you visit this town, I would highly recommend this restaurant.
Sharon and Debbi contemplating the days' activities.
The plaza with the church in the background.
This is our friend Joe who took a lot of pictures before he realized the lens cover was still on his camera.  Oops! 
This is one of the cleanest towns you will see in all of Mexico.
Debbi sitting with a real nice local who resembles Pancho Villa.
Not many shoppers today.
Most of the Mexican kids are outgoing and friendly.  However, some of them look at us like we are from outer space.  Guess which category this young one fits into!

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