Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Hiking the local trails

Last week we hiked the Vista Del Lago trail.  Translated, this means "view of the lake".  This hike was not in the book so we named it ourselves. The trailhead is 1 mile from our house.  A steep climb for the first mile leads to wide open grasslands that reminds you of being on  safari in Africa.  We continued to hike for six miles in a loop that ended at our front door three hours later.
Debbi and J.C. at the trailhead
Lots of loose rock in this dry streambed that doubles as the trail.
When the rains come in several months, this could turn into a river.
This guy lives at the top of the trail.  I don't know how he maneuvers his wheelbarrow one mile down the trail with all the rocks and boulders.  The Mexicans are very resourceful and persistant.  He is taking three bags of compost to sell in San Nicolas.
The trail is very narrow when you get to the top of the hill.  There are outstanding views Lake Chapala.
Found some shade under these trees to enjoy our lunch.  Diablo's having a good time.
This man had 20 goats grazing nearby.  Notice the rock walls.  These contain the livestock.
When the rains come in several months, this will look like a jungle.
Steep and rocky.  Diablo loves to go on these hikes!
We had to bushwhack for one mile to get to the main trail that led us back to our house.

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