Monday, March 19, 2012

Plaza de Toros San Nicolas

The Plaza De Toros in Pueblos and small towns are not used for bullfighting any more.  They are generally used for bull riding, rodeos and music concerts.  Some of these events are free, other times you will pay 10 to 15 dollars U. S. per ticket.  The Plaza is about 100 yards from our house, so we hear the concerts for free.
Outside the Plaza de Toros.
Waiting for the bull and rider to be released from the green chute.
Rider is jumping onto the bull.
No helmets or flak jackets.  These guys are the real deal.
Yee Hah
Ready to dismount.
They treat the bull with careful consideration and respect.  And the best thing is he will live to ride another day.
This is not a Mariachi band.  This is the typical band that played at the Sunday concerts.

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