Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Thursday horseback rides

We live in the country.  Horses are a prized possession.  Debbi has had horses most of her life.  We came to Mexico with no horses.  But, I knew it was only a matter of time before we bought one.  So one day a group of  Gringas rode by the house.  I was reading a book when I heard them coming.  I ran out the front door and stopped them.  I asked them who they were and where they were going.  It was my first meeting with Elena.  She said they ride every Thursday for several hours and Debbi was welcome to come along.  Soon we had another addition to our family, a pretty chestnut we named  "Diego".
Debbi and Diego
Elena and Linda
A country horseback ride amidst the natural beauty of Mexico.
A view of the village of San Juan, several miles east of San Nicolas.
Sometimes, while on their ride, they stop at this restaurant for lunch.  It's an Italian eatery named Foccacia.
Janice, Debbi and Susan
Sometimes the horses meet at this restaurant for lunch.  This eatery is named Munch A Bunch.
A nice riding trail leads to a lake ( barely seen at the left).
Photo taken during the rainy season when everything was green.

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