Saturday, March 10, 2012

Specialty stores

There are many small specialty stores in the Lakeside area.  The ones that I'm featuring today happen to be in Chapala.  But the other Lakeside communities have them also.
Ferreteria  is a Hardware store.
Inside you will find everything from garden tools to nuts and bolts.
Caseta Telefonica means telephone booths.  When my computer goes down and I have no Majic Jack, this is what I use to call family and friends.
They charge 4 pesos per minute to call San Diego, California.  That is 32 cents per minute.
These Pharmacy stores dot the main street in Chapala.
You can get prescriptions filled here or buy over the counter.
This sign says Veterinarian, but it really is a pet supply store.    
Easter bunnies for sale in the cages.
I love the color on this office supply store.
They sell notebooks, pens, pencils and sometimes greeting cards @ 75 cents each.

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